A note from the editor

This Golden Anniversary Edition Newsletter has been published in place of the December 2015 edition and has stepped outside the usual format to reflect upon the past 50 club years by reproducing extracts from old newsletters, notices of meetings, pictures from the club albums, along with valuable contributions from our members including a section on Kennel prefixes. Due to the size of this edition it has been divided into three parts. PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE.
I hope you enjoy it!

I was trusted with the club titles albums after the National in 2014 and they made such an impression on me I felt they were too valuable and interesting not to be shared.  The album of titled dogs in particular roused my interest and although this newsletter is not as polished as I would have liked it is a vehicle to share some great dogs.  Many members will remember the dogs by first hand experience but for other new comers like myself it shows a history of how GSP’s have evolved over the 50 club years and 54 years since the first GSP was imported into Australia. The other albums put together by Pat Farnan and Vicki Thomas highlight club social events and although only a small portion of the pictures have been reproduced here I have selected pictures from events that current members will recognise and some feature in.

I have to thank Michael & Margaret Starow and Norma Croatto for their contributions and Mal Park for supplying a great deal of the information and advice. 
Many a time I felt I was ill equipped due to my very brief history in the breed to tackle a 50th Anniversary edition and that I did not have enough information on hand to put it together but I hope this edition albeit short on actual history goes far enough to give readers an insight into the Clubs beginning and recognise our Fiftieth year. The early Newsletter extracts are a precious piece of GSP history and are a great feature in our Golden Anniversary Edition.

The Kennel Prefix Section came about as I have often wondered how individual kennel prefixes originated  and this section makes for very interesting reading.
A special thank you to our members that sent in information for the kennel prefix section -  the detail of the submissions was wide and varied and all
information supplied is reproduced here.

So for now I hope you enjoy the following pages, they bring back memories, give you a giggle and more importantly make you proud of our
tremendous breed and club.

Raelene Trimble 

Editor GSPCV

GSPCV Golden Edition Newsletter - PART ONE

GSPCV Golden Edition Newsletter - PART TWO

GSPCV Golden Edition Newsletter - PART THREE

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